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Jean Loh is the director, Global Audience Marketing at SAP. She is an experienced marketing and communication professional, currently responsible for developing thought leadership content that is unbiased and audience-led while addressing market challenges to illuminate and solve the unmet needs of CFOs, CIOs, and the wider global finance and IT audience.

Top Five Finance Blogs Of January 2019

5-Feb-2019 | Jean Loh

A variety of perspectives and topics are reflected in the top finance blogs as the new year began, thanks to contributions from our colleagues at BlackLine, EY, Sovos, and Kalish Consulting. Each on

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CIO Priorities For 2019: IT Thought Leaders Share Their Predictions

9-Jan-2019 | Jean Loh

Technology prognostications are always popular as we barrel into a new year. Our experts share their thoughts not only on technology trends, but more important, their priorities and how adoption will

Top Five Finance Blogs Of December 2018

8-Jan-2019 | Jean Loh

Predictions are always popular at the cusp of a new year, borne out by the top finance blogs in December. Contributors from many different perspectives weighed in for our annual CFO Knowledge "Top Tre

Top Five CIO Blogs Of December 2018

3-Jan-2019 | Jean Loh

Happy new year! We published a number of great articles as 2018 wrapped up. The No. 1 best-read blog in December theorized that today's technology innovations are tomorrow's mainstream capabilities;

Top CIO Blog for May 2018

Top Five CIO Blogs Of November 2018

6-Dec-2018 | Jean Loh

Taking the pulse of our readers in November, it's clear that they are looking for solid information about how to help their organizations make the transition towards an intelligent enterprise. That wa

Top Five Finance Blogs Of November 2018

4-Dec-2018 | Jean Loh

All eyes were on digital transformation and intelligent technologies in November's CFO Knowledge section, as borne out by the best-read blogs of the month. How can CFOs provide strategic leadership to

Top Five CIO Blogs Of October 2018

8-Nov-2018 | Jean Loh

There are any number of things CIOs need to consider as they begin the journey toward transformation into an intelligent enterprise. Among them are creating important roles like the chief digital off

Top Five Finance Blogs Of October 2018

6-Nov-2018 | Jean Loh

The scope of strategic finance leaders is broad and deep, a fact borne out by the top blogs on their October reading list. SAP regional CFOs wrote about their perspectives on the importance of gende

Driving Success In Digital Transformation: A Q&A With BackOffice Associates

9-Oct-2018 | Jean Loh

We spoke with Dave Spencer, president of BackOffice Associates, North America, to gain his insight on how CIOs can streamline and accelerate digital transformation initiatives. BackOffice is a worldwi

Top CIO Blog for May 2018

Top Five CIO Blogs Of September 2018

4-Oct-2018 | Jean Loh

September's top blogs covered several provocative subjects. Are you getting conflicting advice about ERP deployment? Is regulatory reporting a thing of the past? What are businesspeople typically gett