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Jean Loh is the director, Global Audience Marketing at SAP. She is an experienced marketing and communication professional, currently responsible for developing thought leadership content that is unbiased and audience-led while addressing market challenges to illuminate and solve the unmet needs of CFOs, CIOs, and the wider global finance and IT audience.

Man reviews top 5 CIO blogs in May

Top Five CIO Blogs Of May 2019

6-Jun-2019 | Jean Loh

Practical application of artificial intelligence and robotic process automation continue to be hot topics for our IT readers interested in intelligent technologies, and the first in a new series on da

Top Five Finance Blogs Of May 2019

4-Jun-2019 | Jean Loh

How can finance organizations improve efficiency and speed, comply with new tax-reporting requirements, reduce costs in procurement, and become better partners to the business? How can they evolve tow

Top Five CIO Blogs Of April 2019

9-May-2019 | Jean Loh

How can CIOs and their IT teams help support the business – with insight for informed decision-making, moving toward a consumption-based business model, and evolving into an intelligent enterprise?

Top Five Finance Blogs Of April 2019

7-May-2019 | Jean Loh

CFOs and their finance teams are steadily moving toward process automation and technology innovation – and learning more about it on the Digitalist Magazine. The top five blogs of April explored var

Top Five Finance Blogs Of March 2019

9-Apr-2019 | Jean Loh

A common characteristic among finance professionals is the strong desire to get it right – borne out by the five best-read blogs in March. Topics range from the importance of delivering accurate dat

Top Five CIO Blogs Of March 2019

4-Apr-2019 | Jean Loh

Readers of the Digitalist Magazine's CIO Knowledge section have come to expect a broad range of perspectives, and that's what they found in March. Among the most popular blogs were contributions from

What Does It Mean To Be A Data-Driven Enterprise Today?

20-Mar-2019 | Jean Loh

A data and technology industry executive with a successful track record driving worldwide growth and innovation, Kevin Campbell is the newly appointed CEO of BackOffice Associates, a trusted leader in

Top Five CIO Blogs Of February 2019

7-Mar-2019 | Jean Loh

Thoughtful, timely contributions from colleagues at Hitachi Vantara and IBM led in popularity among February's blogs, along with a look at trends in technology and data management for the intelligent

Top Five Finance Blogs Of February 2019

5-Mar-2019 | Jean Loh

The clear favorite for finance professionals in February: megatrends that portend to completely upend the way we do business in the very near future. Those trends include robotics and blockchain, "th

Top Five CIO Blogs Of January 2019

7-Feb-2019 | Jean Loh

The Digitalist CIO Knowledge section rang in the new year with predictions for the months to come, which topped the charts in January. Contributors from many different perspectives weighed in for ou