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Jane Disney

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Jane Disney is Industry Principal and Value Advisor at SAP. She has worked in the Financial Services sector for over 25 years and has significant experience across the banking and insurance industries. At SAP, Jane is responsible for strategy development, thought leadership, and executive-level demonstration of the value and innovation of SAP solutions that help drive digital transformation across the financial services sector.

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Digital, Fully Automated Claims Is Not A 2030 Dream – It’s Possible Today

10-Apr-2019 | Jane Disney

With the cost of insurance claims raising year on year and consistently high loss and combined ratios, price competition, and threats from all sides against a backdrop of lower than ever consumer trus

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How Insurers Can Unlock Value With Financial Excellence

9-Jan-2019 | Jane Disney

Today’s insurers are faced with many challenges, including a low-interest-rate environment, price transparency, regulatory changes, customer cost-consciousness, complex IT landscapes, and increasing

IFRS, regulation, insurance, compliance

Unlocking The Business Improvement Potential Of IFRS 17

13-Sep-2018 | Jane Disney

IFRS 17 means the insurance industry is facing yet another round of regulation. As ever, legislative change will mean investment – both in terms of time and finance, as well as potential disruption

Insurance Industry Transformation: The Runway’s Getting Shorter

15-Feb-2017 | Jane Disney

The insurance industry is facing its very own Kodak moment. Forty years after the once heart-warming 1970s ad slogan became part of popular culture, it now has more inference to the company’s specta

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How The Insurance Industry Can Leverage IoT

19-Sep-2016 | Jane Disney

A recent report from TCS shows that the insurance industry is expected to spend $102.9 million on IoT-related technology and solutions in 2018 alone, up from $77.7 million in 2015. This huge growth in

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Customer Insight Is The Financial Services Industry’s New Best Friend

16-Sep-2016 | Jane Disney

Across all industries customer insight is becoming ever more important for generating new and innovative offerings as well as driving flexibility in existing products, to improve customer experience.