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James Roberts

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James Roberts is chief technology officer at Basis Technologies, responsible for driving product vision, strategy, and direction across the company’s innovative automation portfolio, and for ensuring that the engineering teams deliver world-class solutions. He has 30 years of experience in the software industry and nearly 25 years of SAP expertise working in a multitude of roles at major multinational companies.

A Practical Guide To DevOps For ERP

27-May-2020 | James Roberts

Part of the "DevOps for ERP" series Whether or not you believe in the value that DevOps can offer to a business – and there’s already plenty of evidence to show that it can deliver major benefi

DevOps For ERP: A Step-By-Step Guide To Get You There

19-May-2020 | James Roberts

Part of the "DevOps for ERP" series “Why should we adopt DevOps in our ERP systems?” It’s a fair question, and one I’ve heard a lot since I started talking about the benefits of DevOps s

DevOps For ERP: Laying The Foundations For Success

12-May-2020 | James Roberts

Part of the "DevOps for ERP" series With digital transformation projects at the forefront of people’s minds, the need to modernize IT systems and processes has never been as critical as it is tod

Six Metrics And Success Factors For Agile In ERP

1-Aug-2019 | James Roberts

Part of the "Agile ERP" series In my series of articles on adopting agile for ERP systems, I’ve talked about the reasons why you should do so, how to tackle resistance and negativity, and helpfu

How To Get Started With Agile For ERP: 8 Steps To Success

25-Jul-2019 | James Roberts

Part of the "Agile ERP" series Software is changing the face of business today, and the speed at which your business can innovate will often be determined by the speed at which software can change

Think Agile Can’t Work With ERP? 7 Common Myths Debunked

18-Jul-2019 | James Roberts

Part of the "Agile ERP" series Agile development is a proven methodology that has been adopted by leading software firms all around the world that have been convinced of the benefits it can delive

How To Build A Business Case For DevOps

13-Jun-2019 | James Roberts

Part of the "Agile ERP" series Software is vital to the success of businesses today. Quite simply, the speed at which you can change your software is the speed at which your business can innovate a

Self-Assessment: Are You Already Doing ERP DevOps?

25-Mar-2019 | James Roberts

Part of the "Agile ERP" series DevOps is a key element of many enterprise IT strategies as digital transformation drives the need for greater efficiency and higher speed. However, teams responsible

Five Reasons Why You Need An Agile Delivery Model

11-Feb-2019 | James Roberts

Part of the "Agile ERP" series I’ve talked a lot recently (and read even more) about the developing digital economy and how it’s driving a big change in the way applications and infrastructure