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James Lavely

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Jim Lavely is an advisor with SAP, providing strategic partnership for collaboration and co-innovation with SAP's largest customers. You can connect with Jim at www.linkedin.com/in/jimlavely.

Are You Addressing Technology Hype With “Digital Optionality?”

10-Jul-2018 | James Lavely

Part 2 in the "Digital Optionality" series In Part 1 of our series, we introduced the concept of “digital optionality” to address market opportunities and/or mitigate the risks of digital disru

Does Your Technology Roadmap Give You “Digital Optionality?”

10-May-2018 | James Lavely

Part 1 in the "Digital Optionality" series Digital disruption is occurring with greater speed and impact across the global business landscape, impacting all industries and companies. Emerging digit