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James Marland

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James Marland is global vice president, SAP Centre of Excellence for Spend Management. He joined Ariba at the launch of the Ariba Network in 1998 after previously being a solution consultant at SAP America. In addition, he has held the position of director of algorithms at Vendavo, an SAP partner in the area of pricing. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Southampton University. Follow him @JamesMarland.

Building A Network One Node At A Time

8-Jan-2020 | James Marland

All networks are originally pitched on the efficiencies that their participants will receive. But when they achieve critical mass, network effects take off, and the real value is in data, information,

Towards 2020: Predictions For The Future Of Procurement

16-Dec-2019 | James Marland

Technology holds huge promise in the procurement sector, but making the most of it requires a rethinking. Observers have been predicting the evolution of procurement for many years. Yet the results

What Last Week’s Nobel Prize Can Teach Us About Data

9-Oct-2018 | James Marland

Last week's Nobel Prize for medicine shows that the body’s own immune system can be activated against malignant tumours. There are parallels to the way companies should activate “dormant” data

Want To Build A Trade Network? Go Dutch!

4-May-2018 | James Marland

Any company that's looking to build a network on blockchain can learn from the Dutch East India Company, the most successful company. Ever. If you are from the Netherlands, happy Koningsdag. Let

Fordlandia And The End Of The Vertically Integrated Company

14-Feb-2018 | James Marland

At River Rouge, Michigan, Henry Ford set up a company that would produce a million tractors a year. It was to include a blast furnace that would allow him to bring iron ore in on boats and turn the or