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Jacqueline Prause is the Senior Managing Editor of Media Channels at SAP. She writes, edits, and coordinates journalistic content for SAP.info, SAP's global online news magazine for customers, partners, and business influencers .

SolarCoin: How Blockchain Is Incentivizing A 5,000 Gigawatt Quest To Save The Planet

4-Jul-2017 | Jacqueline Prause

A trip through the idyllic farmlands of Bavaria, in the south of Germany, is a testament to the enthusiasm here for solar energy, one of the many green technologies Germany is embracing as it undergoe

Humaniq: Financial Inclusion Of World’s 2 Billion Unbanked

29-May-2017 | Jacqueline Prause

Consider some of the services you probably rely on your bank to provide: safekeeping, payments processing, and the occasional credit. Your bank also likely facilitates certain intangibles: your sense

BlockShow Europe 2017: A Look At Top Use Cases For Blockchain Technology

27-Apr-2017 | Jacqueline Prause

With people now looking beyond the banking industry for promising use cases built on blockchain technology, BlockShow Europe 2017 could not have come at a better time. Held April 6-7 at the Alte Ko

Blockchain Marketing: What’s A Fair Price For Customer Data?

23-Mar-2017 | Jacqueline Prause

For everything from insurance to supply chain management, blockchain technology promises to upend traditional business practices – sometimes in the most surprising ways. Even the modern marketer

2017 Predictions, Part 5: AI-Enabled Toolkits, Co-Dependent Cars, Deep Learning

27-Jan-2017 | Jacqueline Prause

Will machine learning quickly cede way to deep learning in 2017? What happens when artificial intelligence (AI) aces non-verbal voice recognition? Could it be that “read my lips” meets the Minorit

Blockchain, AI, Robotics, 2017 predictions

2017 Predictions, Pt. 4: Great Expectations For Blockchain, AI, And Robotics

25-Jan-2017 | Jacqueline Prause

Cognitive is the new “smart.” Use cases mushroom around blockchain distributed ledger technology. Finance gets excited about robotics process automation.  And for the kids, augmented reality live

From Armchair Trend-Spotter To Futurist Pro: Here’s How In 3 Tips

19-Jan-2017 | Jacqueline Prause

By now you’ve probably read plenty of predictions about the innovative technologies forecasted to take off in 2017. Some of these predictions may seem like simple common sense, framed as a natural e

crystal ball

2017 Predictions, Part 3: Blockchain, Fog Computing, Business-by-Voice

18-Jan-2017 | Jacqueline Prause

Already being hailed as the year of unpredictability, 2017 promises to be anything but business-as-usual. Amid a maelstrom of disruptive technologies set to change how we interact and do business, the

2017 Predictions, Pt. 1: Get Ready For Artificial Intelligence, Digital Blending, And A New Breed Of Cyberattack

20-Dec-2016 | Jacqueline Prause

Will this be the year that artificial intelligence (AI) becomes so seamlessly connected in our lives as to trigger action at the speed of thought? Will you and everyone you know have a “digital twin

The Internet Of Things Community Dreams Big For Charity

12-Dec-2016 | Jacqueline Prause

[inlinetweet prefix="@digitalistmag" tweeter="@digitalistmag" suffix="null"]What happens when 18,000 people come together to imagine new ways the Internet of Things (IoT) can enhance people’s lives