Jacob Vaidyan

Jacob Vaidyan

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Jacob leads a team of digital transformation and industry experts in SAP who work with customers across Financial Services, Retail, Telecom and Public sector on innovation, digital Strategy, technology/business roadmap and transformations. Jacob and his team work with leadership teams in large organisation to explore how technology and digital disruption can be used to leapfrog competition and build a sustainable future.

Strategic Priorities And Shifting The Role Of Back-Office Functions

11-Nov-2019 | Jacob Vaidyan

In large and established businesses with global operations, back-office functions, like finance (including risk and compliance), procurement, supply chain, HR, and IT, are traditionally tagged as cost

Making The Shift From Transactional To Relational Experiences (Part 3)

24-Apr-2019 | Jacob Vaidyan

Parts 1 and 2 of this series focused on the difference between transactional and relational experiences and their applications. It follows, then, that making the shift in customer experiences (a shift

Four Steps To Address Customer Experience Personalisation Challenges

16-Apr-2019 | Jacob Vaidyan

"For the lover, a beautiful woman is an object of desire; for the hermit, a distraction; for the wolf, a good meal” - Canonical Buddhist verse quoted by Matthiew Ricard in "Happiness" I love t