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Iver van de Zand

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Iver is the Director of  the SAP Global Analytics Hub for business intelligence and predictive analytics focusing on enablement for pre-sales, collaboration, content generation, and best practices. He works closely with global leadership and stakeholders across SAP incorporating the latest insights, tools, and best practices in order to optimize the use of SAP resources, improve cross organisational collaboration, and drive efficiencies in business execution. Iver is also a member of the Lumira Advisory Council (LAC) and the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS) community that focuses on data visualization standards and Hichert principles.

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Digital Boardroom Improves Public Transport Insights On Repairs, Delays, And More

11-Jan-2017 | Iver van de Zand

The public transport industry is a heavy innovator. Trains and railways are equipped with IoT sensors to measure performance, delays, and incidents. Bus, subway, and train repair, and maintenance co

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Next-Generation, Real-Time Data Warehouse: Bringing Analytics To Data

5-Jan-2017 | Iver van de Zand

Imagine the following situation: you are analyzing and gathering insights about product sales performance and wonder why a certain area in your country is doing better than others. You deep dive, sl

Why You Need An Enterprise BI Platform

31-Oct-2016 | Iver van de Zand

Let’s talk about enterprise business intelligence. Is self-service BI sufficient as the sole component to cover enterprise readiness for business intelligence? I have taken part in many discuss

On-Premise, Cloud, Or Hybrid: Which Strategy Is Best?

25-Oct-2016 | Iver van de Zand

“Where should we deploy our analytics and business intelligence—in the cloud or on-premise?” It is a question that is thrown at me frequently. Most software vendors expect that only 20% of en

Winning Your End Users: Enterprise Dashboarding Or Self-Service BI?

4-Oct-2016 | Iver van de Zand

Being part of a leading software company offers many advantages—and sometimes disadvantages. A key element I particularly appreciate in my work is that I can be part of large – or even huge –

How To Bathe A Dinosaur: Why Analytics Could Safeguard 90% Of The Success Of IoT [INFOGRAPHIC]

26-Apr-2016 | Iver van de Zand

If you’ve missed the enormous attention around the Internet of Things (IoT), you’ve probably been in temporary hibernation. IoT is with you, it’s with me, with them …. IoT is everywhere, and w

Context Awareness: Online Or Real Time In Digital Transformation?

26-Feb-2016 | Iver van de Zand

Excuse me? Online instead of real time; isn’t that the same? Well, have I got news for you: It is not. Driven by enterprise needs and technological capabilities, enterprises are massively going o

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How Is Your Digital Transformation Going?

3-Feb-2016 | Iver van de Zand

If you haven’t read about the digital transformation last year, you might have had a wi-fi connection issue. Digital transformation is everywhere. Connected networks provide access to new (un)struct

2016 And Business Analytics: Be Prepared For A Smashing Year: Part Two

25-Jan-2016 | Iver van de Zand

In  Part 1 of this blog, I outlined the key trends that I’ve identified for business analytics in 2016. These are based on the conversations I’ve had with my customers and the plans that they’r

The Overwhelming Power Of Analytics In Retailing And B2C: Part One

28-Dec-2015 | Iver van de Zand

Online grocery shopping and personalized bonus cards – we all face these incentives every day. Each is strongly driven by the overwhelming power of the analytics that are behind them. This article w