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Irfan Khan

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Irfan Khan is president of the Platform and Technologies business within SAP’s Global Customer Operations (GCO) organization, with overall responsibility for revenue associated with all data and analytics assets of the company. These include SAP HANA, EIM, middleware, big data, cloud analytics, and innovation technologies. Irfan’s responsibilities also extend to leading SAP’s PaaS business centered around the SAP Cloud Platform solution, which enables customers to implement digital transformation, utilizing modern digital innovations around blockchain, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and IoT scenarios. Prior to his current role, Irfan has been global head of SAP’s Database and Data Management go-to-market organization as well as overall SAP CTO for SAP’s field organization. Irfan joined SAP through the acquisition of Sybase Inc. where he was senior VP & CTO. He spent almost two decades in various executive leadership positions across engineering, marketing, and sales. Irfan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science as well as a Master of Science degree in Advanced Computing from Kings College University of London, UK.

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