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Indranil Som

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Indranil Som is the Digital Leader for Energy and Natural Resources industry at SAP India, engaged in consulting with C-level executives to enable organizations unlock business value through technology driven business transformations. He has had over 16 years of management consulting experience with a combination of strategy and technology engagements, encompassing scoping, planning and execution, with leading international firms.

Big Data Analytics: A Smarter Way To Mine

11-Oct-2017 | Indranil Som

The mining industry is sitting on a virtual goldmine of very large and complex data sets. But the lack of investment in analytical technology prevents the industry from unlocking its true value. To

mining, artificial intelligence, machine learning

Data-Driven Mining: The Role Of AI And Machine Learning

9-Oct-2017 | Indranil Som

The field of machine learning and artificial intelligence (ML/AI) is rapidly evolving today and slowly beginning to reshape the mining sector. With the mining machinery becoming larger and equipment m

mining, IoT, connected equipment, sensors, safety, efficiency

The Internet Of Things And Innovation In Mining

4-Oct-2017 | Indranil Som

The mining industry is going through an intense period of change, making mining companies' ability to innovate and improve indispensable. Emerging technologies are set to change the way miners operate

3D Printing: A New Dimension To Mining

2-Oct-2017 | Indranil Som

Maintenance and downtime due to poor inventory optimization is a major challenge faced by field operations in mining. Investing in 3D printing technology can help mining firms innovate and develop

Blockchain: Radically Changing The Mining Paradigm

27-Sep-2017 | Indranil Som

The mining industry, with its integrated value chains and conservative views, is going through an intense period of change and can no longer ignore the role of technology in its ecosystem—an ecosys