Ina Felsheim

Turn Data Into A Competitive Advantage

31-Oct-2017 | Ina Felsheim

Digital disruption affects different companies in different ways. The so-called “digital natives” were able to start with a blank sheet of paper and build flexible, innovative, platform-based busi

Unburnt: Data Strategies To Support Self-Service BI

26-Jan-2017 | Ina Felsheim

Dude. You need a data strategy for self-service BI. The unburnt is one who can stand in the fire and some out unscathed—this will not happen without a new, flexible, scalable data strategy. This sel

The Night Is Dark And Full Of Terrors – Gear Up With Self-Service BI

16-Dec-2016 | Ina Felsheim

The night IS dark and full of terrors: Dark because no one quite articulates what they mean by self-service BI. Unless someone does the work to clarify and shine a light on self-service BI, the n

We, Not Me: The Impact Of Siloed BI Thinking

8-Oct-2015 | Ina Felsheim

The final blog in my 3-part series, this post addresses convincing the various lines of business and departments that the needs of the "we" outweigh the needs of "me." Example 1 A consumer packaged go

When Good Is Good Enough: Guiding Business Users On BI Practices

1-Oct-2015 | Ina Felsheim

In Part One of this blog series, I talked about changing your IT culture to better support self-service BI and data discovery. Absolutely essential. However, your work is not done! Self-service BI

Changing The IT Culture For Self-Service BI Success

18-Sep-2015 | Ina Felsheim

IT culture has largely been established around the high demands of enterprise reporting and corporate dashboards. These demands have inspired IT to set up strict rules for governance, policies, and se