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Hu Yoshida is responsible for defining the technical direction of Hitachi Data Systems. Currently, he leads the company's effort to help customers address data life cycle requirements and resolve compliance, governance and operational risk issues. He was instrumental in evangelizing the unique Hitachi approach to storage virtualization, which leveraged existing storage services within Hitachi Universal Storage Platform® and extended it to externally-attached, heterogeneous storage systems. Yoshida is well-known within the storage industry, and his blog has ranked among the "top 10 most influential" within the storage industry as evaluated by Network World. In October of 2006, Byte and Switch named him one of Storage Networking’s Heaviest Hitters and in 2013 he was named one of the "Ten Most Impactful Tech Leaders" by Information Week.

Top 10 IT Trends, Part 4: Biometric Authentication, Agile Methodology, And Co-Innovation

28-Feb-2018 | Hu Yoshida

Part 4 of the “2018 Top IT Trends” series This series began with my contention that adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) platforms will be the top IT trend of 2018, and went on to examine virt

Top 10 IT Trends, Part 3: Smart Object Storage, Video Analytics, And Blockchain

21-Feb-2018 | Hu Yoshida

Part 3 of the “2018 Top IT Trends” series So far in this series, we’ve explored four key IT trends in 2018: adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, virtualization, analytics and artifi

Top 10 IT Trends, Part 2: Virtualization, Analytics, AI, And Data Governance

14-Feb-2018 | Hu Yoshida

Part 2 of the “2018 Top IT Trends” series In my first blog in this series, I stated my case that adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) platforms will be the number-one technology trend of 2018.

Top 10 IT Trends, Part 1: Adoption Of IoT Platforms

7-Feb-2018 | Hu Yoshida

Part 1 of the “2018 Top IT Trends” series With so many exciting new technologies entering the mainstream, identifying one top trend might be controversial. But I’ll put a stake in the ground:

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2017: The Year Businesses Will Learn The True Meaning Of Digital Transformation

2-Jan-2017 | Hu Yoshida

Over the last 10 years, the exponential growth and power of technology have brought some fascinating, if not mind-bending, opportunities. Machines talk to one another with computer-connected humans on

Digital Transformation In China: 2016

12-Oct-2016 | Hu Yoshida

This is the view from my hotel room in Shanghai. Although I have been to China many times since the 1980s, when I used to work for IBM, this was the first time I have been to Shanghai. As you can see

Fighting Today’s Crowdsourced Terrorists Demands New Technologies

2-Jun-2016 | Hu Yoshida

In the wake of recent terror attacks in San Bernardino, Paris, and Brussels, world leaders are scrambling to find new ways to curb these acts of violence. Since 9/11, the big change we've seen is that

The Internet Of Things That Matter: Integrating Smart Cities With Smart Agriculture

19-May-2016 | Hu Yoshida

By 2050, the world population will grow from 7 billion today to 10 billion, and most of the population will be living in mega cities. This is triggering interest in smart cities around the globe to en

IT Trends That Matter For 2016

24-Feb-2016 | Hu Yoshida

Each year, analysts predict some of the upcoming trends in the technology industry. Here is a look at some of the IT trends that matter for 2016, according to Hu Yoshida, chief technology officer at H