Hugo De Jongh

Hugo De Jongh

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Hugo de Jongh has 13 years’ experience of implementing SAP ERP and finance solutions. Most recently, he has helped many organizations to transform their finance operations using SAP innovations including SAP S/4HANA Finance and New General Ledger. Today Hugo helps companies to move to the intelligent Cloud ERP.

data management, analytics, ROI, efficiency, data governance

Four Signs Your Data Is Redundant, Distorted, And Full Of Anomalies

2-Jan-2018 | Hugo De Jongh

Part 3 in the three-part Universal Journal series. Data is a fundamental cornerstone of modern business strategies. Organizations that know how to collect, process, and analyze massive quantities o

Three Reasons Your Income Statement And Profitability Reports Are Out Of Sync

26-Dec-2017 | Hugo De Jongh

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Four Competitive Advantages You Lose When You Can’t Run A Soft Close

19-Dec-2017 | Hugo De Jongh

Part 1 in the 3-part "Universal Journal" series It’s no longer acceptable to make decisions based on information available at the end of a financial period. Continuous accounting – performing a