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Howard Baldwin has been writing about technology since OS/2 was released

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How Midsize Companies Can Spur Growth

21-Dec-2016 | Howard Baldwin

For a midsize company to become a large company requires walking a tightrope. It has to determine where to expand, and how to expand. It must attract new customers while still serving its current cust

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How APIs Are Bringing Agility To The Cloud

21-Nov-2016 | Howard Baldwin

Throughout technology’s short history, one of the biggest obstacles to sharing information was the high level of integration needed to exchange data between disparate systems. Software vendors speci

Going Digital? Think Customers First And Technology Second

25-Oct-2016 | Howard Baldwin

Back in the 1970s, the founder of Federal Express rewrote all the rules of how you deliver documents. Now, new technologies like in-memory computing and connectivity are rewriting the rules of how you

How The Cloud Contributes To Agility And Data Interoperability

12-Oct-2016 | Howard Baldwin

One of the biggest issues companies face with innovation is integrating new systems into legacy systems. Everyone wishes they could simply start with a greenfield deployment and avoid that hassle –

The Keys To Accommodating Innovation

5-Oct-2016 | Howard Baldwin

Have you ever tried to maintain a classic car? It’s not easy. Parts become unavailable; you have to bolt on aftermarket equipment. The car begins to look less sleek and more like a contraption, and

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Does The CIO Need A Partner In Digital Transformation?

22-Aug-2016 | Howard Baldwin

Given the importance of digital technology and transformation, more enterprises are creating the position of chief digital officer (CDO) to tie together business and technology initiatives. But why do