Houthaifa Al Amiri

Houthaifa Al Amiri

About Houthaifa Al Amiri

Houthaifa Al Amiri has amassed a lifetime of experience in differing sales perspectives, from consumer to enterprise customers. Beginning his career as an advertising agent and then an operation coordinator for a makeup and cosmetics company, Houthaifa transitioned to a career in IT at New Horizons, selling training courses to Corporates and Enterprises as a Senior Account Executive for four years. Prior to joining SAP, he spent ten years working for Symantec, Cisco & Microsoft.

Raise My Head … Raise It In The Digital World

27-Dec-2018 | Houthaifa Al Amiri

While playing basketball as a teenager, my coach advised me that, in addition to good defensive skills and great dribbling power, I needed to raise my head and look for teammates to pass the ball to