Dr. Henry Morris

Dr. Henry Morris

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Dr. Henry Morris is the senior vice president for IDC's Worldwide Software, Services, and CMO Advisory research groups. He is also the executive lead for IDC's worldwide Big Data research initiative. Morris started the Analytics and Data Warehousing research service at IDC, and coined the term "analytic applications" in 1997 to focus on the value of analytics in specific horizontal business and industry processes. He speaks about major software trends driving the industry and has been quoted in and written papers for business and trade publications, such as Computerworld, Forbes, and KMworld, on trends in business intelligence, business performance management, data warehousing, knowledge management, and enterprise applications.

Business Networks And Information

12-Apr-2016 | Dr. Henry Morris

Business networks connect customers, partners, and employees as communities. They provide: A marketplace where the communities come together for commerce transactions A collaborative backbone ut

Want Better Decision Making? Collaborate

5-Apr-2016 | Dr. Henry Morris

In command-and-control-style organizations, decision making is reserved for managers at the top of the hierarchy.  To support this structure, business analysts or IT create executive information syst

The Value Of Information

29-Mar-2016 | Dr. Henry Morris

Businesses did not always view information as a source of value. Manufacturing was about producing things, logistics for delivering the things to customers or intermediaries, and retail or services fo

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Improving Business Operation Performance With Innovation

11-Sep-2012 | Dr. Henry Morris

The business operations job function (sometimes called “line management”) is responsible for key business processes such as manufacturing, supply chain, or procurement. This role is central to