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Henner Schliebs is global vice president Audience Marketing for SAP S/4HANA and Finance at SAP. He is a progressive sales/marketing executive with 15+ years of experience in business software solutions focused on corporate functions. He has strong marketing and go-to-market skills and a proven track record in enterprise software solutions, along with significant experience in solution management and customer engagement.

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Total Spend Management: Simplifying Cost Control In Real-World Complexity

24-Sep-2018 | Henner Schliebs

Every new digital technology brings us closer to the promise of a simpler, faster, and more convenient life – and our shopping experiences are no exception. From ever-growing e-commerce giants Amazo

How CFOs Are Finding Purpose In Everyday Finance

8-Feb-2018 | Henner Schliebs

CFOs are now expected to master the art of double-tasking. They are responsible not only for overseeing day-to-day operations and capital structure, but also providing sound advice and leadership to d

Finance Automation And Efficiency Pave A Path Of Growth For Small And Midsize Businesses

29-Nov-2017 | Henner Schliebs

Part 3 of “Finance Leadership Pays Off” series It’s no secret that growth matters for small and midsize businesses. But very rarely is a business able to accomplish and sustain th

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Control Costs By Integrating T&E And Procurement Into A Single Financial Platform

6-Nov-2017 | Henner Schliebs

Sometimes I’m struck by the sheer volatility of our world. Economic trends, political change, and technology innovation all seem more dynamic than ever. As a result, CFOs can’t take their eye off

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Three Misconceptions About Advanced Analytics

9-Oct-2017 | Henner Schliebs

As the role of the finance function continues to become more complex, proactive CFOs are recognizing that obtaining a real-time view of all business operations is no longer “nice to have,” but imp

How Machine Learning Can Optimize Finance Processes

18-May-2017 | Henner Schliebs

Machine learning is becoming a buzzword in nearly every industry today, and finance is no exception. As its applications and capabilities grow, machine learning is powering finance departments towards


A CFO’s Lesson On Living In The Moment

13-Dec-2016 | Henner Schliebs

As you sit here reading this, there’s a good chance you’ve overlooked something – or never noticed it in the first place, to be more precise. Most CFOs are very good at the strategic aspect of s

Why North American CFOs Are Bringing Dynamic FP&A To The Forefront

1-Dec-2016 | Henner Schliebs

As businesses become more digital, the charter of a modern finance executive is to increasingly focus on forward-looking tasks at a strategic and an operational level. To effectively execute at either

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Three Digital Transformation Fundamentals Every Small And Midsize Business CFO Should Know

24-Aug-2016 | Henner Schliebs

Part 4 of the “Leading Through Digital Transformation” series Preparing a small or midsize business for a digital future is no easy task. Digital capabilities must not only align with goals, ac

Digital Economy And The Small Business: How CFOs Can Tip The Scale With Influence And Insight

3-Aug-2016 | Henner Schliebs

Part 1 of “Leading Through Digital Transformation” series Every finance leader of a small or midsize business has a to-do list that’s a mile long. Controlling growth and communicating perform