Hendrik Vordenbaeumen

Hendrik Vordenbaeumen

About Hendrik Vordenbaeumen

Hendrik Vordenbaeumen is global vice president of Product Strategy and SAP T&E legacy products as CPO. He joined SAP in 2001, first responsible for the area of travel management in SAP ERP; in 2006 he took on responsibility for the complete product management of the SAP ERP HCM area, including travel management, and later also SAP ERP Finance. He joined the SAP Concur team in 2015, currently responsible for Concur Expense overall. Before joining SAP, Hendrik worked with Deutsche Bank in Germany, the U.S., and at other customer locations in the IT and finance departments. Hendrik is a certified accountant and has a BA in Computer Science.

finance executive presents data to finance team in a meeting room

The New Chief Financial Officer Thinks Like A Chief Data Officer

13-Jan-2020 | Hendrik Vordenbaeumen

In the era of digital transformation, finance leaders are finding that their roles are evolving just as rapidly as the technology solutions surrounding them. Historically siloed from the business to o