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Helen Dwight

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Helen Dwight is a VP Global Marketing at SAP, with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry spanning regional, country, and global roles based in the U.S., UK, Brazil, and Latin America. Besides marketing, her management experience spans technical pre-sales, product management, and field and channel marketing. As someone who enjoys driving projects from strategy to execution, her passion is in helping clients and partners to articulate the real value of technology and use it to drive greater purpose within their own organizations.

Taming Complex Supply Chains In The Global Economy (Part 2)

28-Feb-2019 | Helen Dwight

Part 2 in a 2-part series. Read Part 1. Part 1 of this series examined the increasing complexity of supply chain processes, the consequence of natural disasters, geopolitical shifts, changing trade

Taming Complex Supply Chains In The Global Economy (Part 1)

21-Feb-2019 | Helen Dwight

Part 1 in a 2-part series. Read Part 2. The Internet enabled our global economy to take off at warp speed with increasingly interdependent supply chains. Our ability to be flexible – directing pr

Speed Up Travel And Expense Processes With Intelligent Technologies

28-Jan-2019 | Helen Dwight

I enjoy traveling on business to meet with people, which is fortunate considering that a sizable chunk of my life is spent doing it. My passport pages are filling up, and I can give you lots of tips a

Is Your Organization Equipped To Lead The Workforce Of The Future?

2-Jan-2019 | Helen Dwight

A quiet revolution is brewing in the workplace. On one side are traditional business leaders – established executives and managers, many of whom put their jobs above all else and progressively ascen

Intelligent Evolution Of People, Processes, And Customer Experience

29-Nov-2018 | Helen Dwight

Part of the “CIO’s Intelligent Enterprise series” Whether we like it or not, the use of technology and automation is here to stay. Industry lines have been blurring for a while, forcing comp

Build Customer Empathy Into Your Business Model

16-Oct-2018 | Helen Dwight

Part of the "CIO's Intelligent Enterprise series" Often when I’m out running, with fresh air in my lungs and listening to music, my mind wanders to random topics. Today, for example, I found myse