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Harald Wouters

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Harald Wouters is a Smart City consultant and the founder of WHY Consulting (www.whyconsulting.nl). His agency is dedicated to helping cities in their digital transformation to become #smart, #datadriven and #futureproof. Harald forges Smart City industry alliances and develops their joint programmes and propositions. Harald is an experienced advisor to mayors and CEOs on technology and innovation. Previously he advised the high-tech industry in the Netherlands and the Dutch government on international Smart City trade and investments. He co-wrote the NL Smart City Strategy and reported to the European Commission’s Digital Agenda on how to improve labour mobility of IT-workers.

Why Own A Fancy Car When Getting From A To B Becomes An On-Demand Service?

21-Jan-2020 | Harald Wouters

Mobility will drastically change in the coming years. For one thing, environmental concerns will force the automotive industry to gradually expel combustion engines from vehicles. But the real change

Promising Technologies Build Smart Cities That Go Beyond Imagination

8-Jul-2019 | Harald Wouters

Although most 80’s and 90’s sci-fi movies depict a future that is unlikely to occur, a few draw some pretty impressive predictions about our future cities. We are now actually experiencing in real

Civic Innovation And Local Ecosystem Partners: A Recipe For Smart City Success

27-Feb-2019 | Harald Wouters

Visionary city leaders embrace civic innovation to create smart cities. They engage citizens in the creative process to identify and solve community challenges to improve the quality of life. That’s