Harald Wouters

Harald Wouters

About Harald Wouters

Harald Wouters works for the city of Den Bosch in the Netherlands. As a Senior Strategist he is responsible for the Smart City programme, with the credo ‘Driven by Data, Happiness as a Goal’. He aligned local industry partners SAP Netherlands, Signify and construction company Heijmans, to form the Smart City Den Bosch Alliance of software, hardware and buildware. He is the personal advisor of the Mayor on technology and innovation. Previously Harald worked for the high-tech strategy board of Brainport Eindhoven. He advised the national government on international trade and investments. He co-wrote the NL Smart City Strategy and conducted research for the European Commission’s Digital Agenda on labour mobility of IT-workers.

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Civic Innovation And Local Ecosystem Partners: A Recipe For Smart City Success

27-Feb-2019 | Harald Wouters

Visionary city leaders embrace civic innovation to create smart cities. They engage citizens in the creative process to identify and solve community challenges to improve the quality of life. That’s