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Hans Thalbauer

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Hans Thalbauer is globally responsible for solution management and the go-to-market functions for SAP digital supply chain solutions and the SAP Leonardo portfolio of Internet of Things solutions. In this role, he is engaged in creative dialogues with businesses and operations worldwide, addressing customer needs and introducing innovative business processes, including the vision of creating a live business environment for everyone working in operations. Hans has more than 17 years with SAP and is based out of Palo Alto, CA, USA. He has held positions in development, product and solution management, and the go-to-market organization. Hans holds a degree in Business Information Systems from the University Vienna, Austria.

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Digital Supply Chain: Three Steps For Moving Forward Today

27-May-2019 | Hans Thalbauer

My previous blog looked at how a digital supply chain can help companies survive and thrive in a volatile world. But the question remains: How do you move forward? If your organization is looking for

Three Keys To The Digital Supply Chain For A Volatile World

3-Apr-2019 | Hans Thalbauer

One of the prevailing characteristics of the global economy today is chronic volatility and the uncertainty that comes with it. Case in point: Brexit. The inability of the United Kingdom to move fo

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How Supply Chain Companies Can Stay The Course In Uncertain Times

27-Nov-2018 | Hans Thalbauer

Part 2 in the series “Digital Manufacturing" Benjamin Franklin once wrote that death and taxes are the only two certainties in life. But there’s another item we should add to that list: uncerta

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Four Technologies Manufacturers And Other Supply Chain Enterprises Can’t Ignore

16-Oct-2018 | Hans Thalbauer

Part 1 in the series "Digital Manufacturing" Technology is the ultimate business catalyst. By leveraging the latest innovations, companies can transform into intelligent enterprises that create the

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Achieving A Digital And Predictive Supply Chain

1-Jun-2017 | Hans Thalbauer

We’re entering a new era in manufacturing and supply chain. In part this is being driven by demand for faster response, more personalized products, and better customer experience. In part it’s

amp up big data

Amp The Supply Chain

10-May-2017 | Hans Thalbauer

Earlier this decade, manufacturing executives were skeptical about the benefits of digitizing their operations. According to various studies, only 37% believed digital business could drive revenue gro

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Living The Live Supply Chain: Why You Need Data Scientists

28-Feb-2017 | Hans Thalbauer

In Part 1 of this series we explored the essentials of deploying a live supply chain. In Part 2 we look at why data scientists will be increasingly key to supply chain success. When it’s complete

live supply chain

Living The Live Supply Chain: Why You Need Data

21-Feb-2017 | Hans Thalbauer

In this post, Part 1 of this series, we explore the essentials of deploying a live supply chain. In Part 2 we’ll look at why data scientists will be increasingly key to supply chain success. Supp

UPS Uses 3D Printing To Deliver On-Demand Individualized Products [VIDEO]

27-Sep-2016 | Hans Thalbauer

Sneakers. Prosthetics. Even food. Organizations today can create virtually anything with 3D printing. This technology isn’t only a godsend for customers, who have developed insatiable appetites f

How 3D Printing Is Impacting Business

23-Jun-2016 | Hans Thalbauer

3D printing is disrupting the way we source products and do business around the world. What was once viewed as a distant possibility is now very much a reality. Companies across all industries should