Hala Zeine

Hala Zeine

About Hala Zeine

Hala Zeine is the President of Digital Supply Chain at SAP. She is responsible for running a global Line of Business (LoB), comprising of development, and go-to-market for SAP. Hala has extensive expertise of IT industry, technology and the supply chain business and is passionate about making a real difference in solving customer’s business problems and helping them to implement digital solutions that enhance and support their mission critical business processes.

The Business Sense In Sustainability

4-Dec-2018 | Hala Zeine

If you are running or working in a supply chain today, you have witnessed the rise of global mass production driven by increasing consumer demand. This era has introduced new business and supply chain

Sustainability In The Supply Chain: Manufacturers Set Their Sights On Zero Waste

20-Aug-2018 | Hala Zeine

Unbearable heat is sadly becoming the new norm. In fact, I heard that this year is slated to become the fourth-hottest year on record, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.