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Guido Wagner is responsible for invention projects in SAP Design. He focuses on user experience optimization in a digitalized business environment. Preparing for the future of work through sustainable artificial intelligence that improves the way people live is his passion. Share your thoughts with Guido on LinkedIn.

A Checklist Of Ethical Design Challenges For Business AI

16-Jul-2018 | Guido Wagner

In the first part of this blog, we saw that design principles and digital ethics build trust in artificial intelligence (AI). However, we didn’t address the areas where we are most likely to find t

How Digital Ethics Enables Trust In Business AI

9-Jul-2018 | Guido Wagner

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies open doors to new possibilities that can enrich (and potentially harm) the lives of many people. Digital ethics can help manage the risks expected from relate

A Step-By-Step Approach To Digital Ethics

8-Mar-2018 | Guido Wagner

In the two previous blogs in this series, I talked about why a consistent approach to ethical questions around human-machine interaction really matters and what some of the key challenges are. Let’s

Challenges For Sustainable Digital Ethics

27-Feb-2018 | Guido Wagner

In my earlier blog, I discussed why digital ethics matter. Here I will address reasons why it will be a long and difficult road to define digital ethics that will ensure quality of life for humans, re

Why Digital Ethics Matter

12-Feb-2018 | Guido Wagner

Artificial intelligence (AI) is both exciting and unsettling. What changes will AI have on our minds and bodies, not to mention the world we live in? Of course, there will be positive effects of AI: S