Gregory Yankelovich

The Dilemma Of Customer Poll Timing

9-Oct-2015 | Gregory Yankelovich

The other day I booked a flight on a popular website. As soon as the ticket order transaction was completed, I received a nicely designed request to share my experience with the agency. That request i

How Singularity Kills Customer Experience Management

11-Sep-2015 | Gregory Yankelovich

Culturally we are conditioned to look for a SINGLE reason, element or root cause to solve any problem. Remember Curly’s “One Thing” in the City Slickers movie? Well, this concept of singularity

Voice Of Customers: A Challenge To Product Managers

31-Jul-2015 | Gregory Yankelovich

For years I have been puzzled by the fierce resistance of product managers to integrate customer feedback (voice of customers) into their products’ design and marketing process. Surely many manag

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Which Is A Better Investment – Customer Experience Or Brand Management?

15-Jul-2015 | Gregory Yankelovich

The advancement of social media during the last ten years have given rise to the power of social customers. That power has precipitated fundamental shifts to the marketing paradigm that was developed

Innovation And Customer Experience

24-Jun-2015 | Gregory Yankelovich

We live in amazing times with endless opportunities to experience and participate in the process of many established industries being re-imagined. However, an innovation is a risky business and most a

Cheap Gas, Electric Cars, And Customer Experience

1-Jun-2015 | Gregory Yankelovich

Even if you sell a commodity, customer experience often outweighs price considerations. Just because the term customer experience management (CEM) is  relatively new to corporate vocabulary, the powe