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Gregg Greenberg is the Senior Director of eCommerce at SAP. He leads a team responsible for driving revenue of SAP and SAP Partner solutions globally. His areas of focus include Quantitative Marketing, Marketing Communications and Marketing Operations: UX/UI/IA, Paid Media, SEO, Content Marketing, and Marketing Automation.

5 Signs Your Business Is Ready For A Performance Management System

6-Oct-2015 | Gregg Greenberg

The business value of implementing an automated performance management software is significant, but it requires dedicated resources, time, and commitment to do it right. It is a big business decision

7 Reasons You Should Automate Performance Management

1-Oct-2015 | Gregg Greenberg

In today’s world businesses move quickly, and so do their strategies and goals. Effective performance management means creating a consistent but agile process that can adapt quickly to changing busi

Take Your Business To The Next Level With Customer Engagement Software

29-Sep-2015 | Gregg Greenberg

Happy, loyal customers are the foundation of any successful business. How do you know if your new or existing customers are happy and satisfied with the customer experience you offer? Here’s an exer

5 Keys To Performance Management Success

29-Sep-2015 | Gregg Greenberg

Building an effective performance management process is no easy task. What works for one company may or may not work for another. It’s no wonder why so many companies are struggling to get it right.

Is Your Business Ready For A Customer Engagement Upgrade?

24-Sep-2015 | Gregg Greenberg

A customer relationship management (CRM) solution that is haphazardly or impulsively purchased will likely do very little good for your business. Truly implementing a CRM system in a meaningful and im

7 Reasons Performance Management Fails And How To Fix Them

24-Sep-2015 | Gregg Greenberg

Performance management is often seen as a bureaucratic process forced by HR, which adds little or no value to the business. If you don’t have performance management in place yet, or if you are looki

4 Signs Your Company Needs A More Efficient Way To Manage Customer Relationships

22-Sep-2015 | Gregg Greenberg

Most consumers in the United States and the developed world have grown accustomed to a personalized experience in almost every aspect of their lives. As large, more established companies increasingly

What Is Performance Management? 5 Reasons Why It Matters

22-Sep-2015 | Gregg Greenberg

Your business is growing fast, and it’s time to think about implementing or revamping your performance management process that will create an amazing employee experience and help drive your busines