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In his current role at SAP , Gokul Anantha is focused on revenue and margin growth initiatives leveraging analytics and market insights. Prior to that Gokul Anantha led product & solution management effort in establishing new revenue APIs and integrated, multichannel communication services at SAP Digital Interconnect covering push, e-mail, and social interconnect as well as "One SAP" communication workflows with SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP Cloud for Service, and SAP Student Activity Hub. Prior to SAP, in his various roles at Cognizant and HCL, he forged close partnership with Fortune 1000 technology leaders, enabling their transformation journey across customer operations, supply chain operations, and IT application and Infrastructure operations. He enjoys sharing his experiences as blogs and solicits feedback, comments, and questions on topics such as enterprise messaging, customer relationship management, digital marketing, and the creation of new human experiences.

Hello Enterprise! It’s Time To Get Social!

6-Dec-2018 | Gokul Anantha

Social channel interconnection is a must-have element in an intelligent engagement strategy. Facebook (including Facebook Messenger) and WeChat reached a critical milestone earlier this year. Toget

Communication Workflow Rules: The Bedrock Of An Intelligent Enterprise

4-Jun-2018 | Gokul Anantha

[no_syndicate_info][/no_syndicate_info] For Global 1000 enterprises, the wave of the future is in capabilities that blend technology-enabled insights with a sophisticated understanding of human jud

Omnichannel Is A Given – The Future Is Intelligent Multichannel

29-Mar-2018 | Gokul Anantha

The fact that communication has evolved is a given. If you polled an enterprise in the mid-90s on the key modes of communication, email and phone (or fax) would have stood out, and mobile telephony w