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Glen Moffatt

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Glen Moffatt is a presales enablement director at SAP Canada. He is a technical generalist and communicator, specializing in helping others understand the application of enterprise information technology. He expresses himself in a variety of ways: writing code, conducting software demonstrations, teaching, facilitating design thinking workshops, and presenting to the boardroom.

AI, finance, artificial intelligence, digital transformation, efficiency

Artificial Intelligence: Everyone Please Remain Calm

24-Apr-2018 | Glen Moffatt

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to tire of the rampant sensationalism surrounding artificial intelligence. Don’t get me wrong – I’m just as excited by the prospects of AI as anyone


A Repeatable Methodology For Innovation

12-Sep-2016 | Glen Moffatt

Your company is good at something. By that, I mean, your company has acquired a competency, or, more likely, a set of competencies. You're good at product design, or customer service, or procuremen

Adapt Or Die: Is There An Alternative Digital Business Strategy?

8-Jul-2016 | Glen Moffatt

Disclosure: I work for the world’s largest enterprise software company, and every day I talk about software with partners, customers, executives, and others in the small to mid-sized general busines