Ginger Gatling

About Ginger Gatling

Ginger Gatling is part of the SAP Database and Data Management product marketing team. She has been an enabler of SAP capabilities including information management, cloud applications, cloud integration, process integration, workflow, security, and collaboration. She has co-authored two books as well as multiple blogs, articles, and how-to videos.

Using Data Creatively To Drive The Intelligent Enterprise

4-Dec-2018 | Ginger Gatling

Innovate. Create new revenue streams. Increase profits. Put the customer first. Each of these business mandates requires technology and intelligent data. In recent years, corporate profits have be

Let’s Talk Data

2-Aug-2018 | Ginger Gatling

In so many ways, the digital economy is a data economy. More than ever, what differentiates companies in the market today is how they manage data to their advantage and to the advantage of their custo