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Gina McNamara is the CFO for SAP Australia and New Zealand, leading a team of approximately 40 staff across core finance, legal and contracts, facilities, purchasing, and information technology. She has been with SAP since May 2007. Before taking on the CFO position, Gina worked in Commercial Finance Business Support for SAP Australia and New Zealand, where she supported sales and consulting teams with revenue recognition and deal support. Gina is a strong advocate for demonstrating how SAP runs SAP and technology to improve operations for the office of the CFO, particularly around moving from an on-premise environment to the cloud.

Three finance colleagues using next-generation business intelligence technology to make business decisions

Bringing Next-Generation Technological Intelligence To Finance

2-Jul-2019 | Gina McNamara

Finance leaders globally are recognizing the importance of breaking financial functions out of silos to operate more collaboratively across businesses. A study from Oxford Economics showed that CFOs w

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CFOs Across Asia-Pacific Have Room To Improve With Intelligent Technologies

17-Jun-2019 | Gina McNamara

Despite recognizing the significant importance of global collaboration and technology initiatives, CFOs in the APAC region are lagging behind. Recent research from SAP and Oxford Economics demonstr

AI, technology, CFO, finance, engagement, leadership

How Technology Can Help CFOs Find Inspiration And Fuel Engagement

5-Nov-2018 | Gina McNamara

Part of the “Purpose-Driven CFO” series Our relationship with technology is always evolving, and you don’t have to work for a software company to feel it firsthand. We’re moving from the p

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Women In Leadership: Don’t Ring The Bell Yet

17-Sep-2018 | Gina McNamara

Gender parity contains the potential to increase economic opportunities in Australia and Asia-Pacific as a region.  On Equal Pay Day in Australia, August 31, we celebrated the pay gap being at its l

diversity, women in business, inclusion, mentoring, HR, purpose

Managing A Diverse Workforce For Value Creation In A Purpose-Driven Economy

13-Aug-2018 | Gina McNamara

Part of the “Purpose-Driven CFO” series When we hear the term diversity, some assume that it’s about fulfilling 50/50 equality quotas. Some shun diversity because they consider it an overwhe

Four Ways To Improve Cash Application With Machine Learning

18-Apr-2018 | Gina McNamara

As CFOs operating in the digital age, we must apply new technology to improve old processes. Here in the financial offices of SAP, our shared services team in Singapore has been improving our processe

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Creating The Collaborative Finance Officer

25-Sep-2017 | Gina McNamara

When describing the evolving role of the CFO, one of the most consistently cited attributes is that of its becoming a true partner across business. Achieving this level of partnership, however, req

The Changing Expectation Of Data In The Eyes Of The CFO

9-Feb-2017 | Gina McNamara

Since the dawn of commerce, accountants and their predecessors have been custodians of the most vital data describing the health of any organisation: its financial records. Over time their practices h

What Finance Teams Can Learn From Startups About Risk Management

7-Dec-2016 | Gina McNamara

For established businesses, risk is something to be carefully measured and minimised wherever possible. But for digitally based startup companies, risk is something to be embraced. By their nature,

What Your Finance Team Can Learn From Millennials

13-Oct-2016 | Gina McNamara

The impact of the digital era on the role of CFO has been swift and far-reaching. New technologies such as digital marketing and Big Data analytics are leading to the creation of new business mode