Gina Keeler

Gina Keeler

About Gina Keeler

Gina Keeler is an SAP ERP marketing professional that has helped run SAP S/4HANA adoption and awareness marketing programs since 2016. She’s led successful adoption events and programming with SAP user groups in the United States and Europe and has helped S/4HANA customers document best practices and share lessons learned.

The ROI Of Next-Generation ERP: Real-World Success Stories

5-Mar-2020 | Gina Keeler

Does anyone really need a new smartphone every other year? Perhaps not, but smartphone features continue to improve, and new phones are constantly coming into the market and making it hard to resist.

Is Your Legacy ERP Holding Your Business Back?

21-Nov-2019 | Gina Keeler

Every once in a while, you see a headline about a major company, one that’s been around for decades, filing for bankruptcy. Blockbuster, Pan Am, Commodore International: They’re all headed to the