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Gil Perez

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Gil Perez is senior vice president of Digital Assets and The Internet of Things (IoT) and general manager of Connected Vehicles and IoT Security at SAP.

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A Building-Block Approach To Blockchain

16-Nov-2017 | Gil Perez

Beneath the bulletin board covered with gold stars, stacked carelessly between the tiny plastic craft table and a bookshelf lined with Berenstain Bears classics, lay my elementary classroom’s buildi

How Technology Provides Smart, Secure Parking For Truck Drivers

13-Apr-2017 | Gil Perez

If you’ve planned a trip recently, you’ve likely spent time researching and booking hotels, perhaps using one of a growing number of travel websites. Many people wouldn’t dream of setting off w

3 Hidden Benefits Of 3D Printing

1-Jun-2016 | Gil Perez

Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, is rapidly transitioning from experimentation and hype to real-world implementation and maturity. Two-thirds of all U.S. manufacturers now use 3D printing in so