Dr. Gerd Ehrhardt

Dr. Gerd Ehrhardt

About Dr. Gerd Ehrhardt

Dr. Gerd Ehrhardt has a proven record of multiyear and multilevel experience in innovation and change management. He has spent most of his career in an international environment within the software industry. Gerd has lived and worked in many countries on three continents, these include Germany, France, the USA, Singapore, and Jordan. He works at SAP Globalization Services, is an inspired blogger, guest lecturer and World Economic Forum Agenda contributor. Please follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn

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How Athletic Innovators And Intelligent Enterprises Complete Their Journeys

1-May-2019 | Dr. Gerd Ehrhardt

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. While taking that first step may not be easy, the path it takes you down will lead to true accomplishment. Anyone who has prepared for a m

conversational applications, voice assistants, blockchain, AI, machine learning

Conversational Applications And The Future of Work

20-Feb-2019 | Dr. Gerd Ehrhardt

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has long been offering consumers advantages in many areas of life – from how they shop, eat, and generally tick daily tasks off their to-do list, to where they get a

LeveragingNetworks, CX, Customer Experience, Machine Learning

Enhance Your Business’s Customer Experience With Machine Learning

13-Feb-2019 | Dr. Gerd Ehrhardt

Enhancing your customer’s experience is an absolute necessity in the digital era of fierce competition for attention, views, and B2B (business to business) and consumer dollars. If you are not co

Customer Experience, CX, LeveragingNetworks, Patent Management, Intelligent Technologies, Intelligent Enterprise, Business Model Innovation, Revenue

Create Personalized Customer Experiences And New Business Models That Generate New Revenue Streams

6-Feb-2019 | Dr. Gerd Ehrhardt

Innovation is to humans as water is to fish. By introducing combinations of intelligent technologies, services, and industry expertise, it's possible to unlock product and service innovation through

Customer Experience, CX, LeveragingNetworks, Patent Management, Intelligent Technologies

Focus On Customer Experience – Your Customers Will Thank You

4-Dec-2018 | Dr. Gerd Ehrhardt

More than ever, business today revolves around consumers rather than companies, and it is the consumers who dictate business outcomes. According to a recent Walker study, by 2020 customer experience