Georg Kube

Georg Kube

About Georg Kube

Georg Kube is the global head of SAP’s industry business unit for the Industrial Machinery & Components industry. He is responsible for defining industry-relevant solutions based on SAP’s complete portfolio of products and technologies, bringing them to market, and driving business in the regional units.

Industrial Manufacturing And The Intelligent Enterprise

12-Feb-2019 | Georg Kube

Industrial machinery and component manufacturers are stretched thin, addressing global challenges like the need for clean energy, smart cities, and a circular economy. In addition, they are confronted

How To Use Digital Twins To Disrupt Manufacturing

4-Apr-2018 | Georg Kube

Digital twins are poised to revolutionize discrete manufacturing by reducing operating costs and extending the life of equipment and assets. While digital twins themselves are not a new concept, their

Redefining Core Competencies In The Industrial Machinery And Components Industry

5-Jan-2018 | Georg Kube

The industrial machinery and components industry (IM&C) provides companies with the equipment they require to produce the products they manufacture and sell to their customers. As such, IM&C i