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My association with SAP is eight wonderful years. I have a disposition for the latest technological trends and a fascination for all the digital buzz apart from the world of process orchestration, cloud, and platforms.

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The Staggering Impact Of AI In Current And Future Healthcare

17-Sep-2019 | Geetika Tripathi

The social skies are abuzz with a lot of flutter about the latest technology, including artificial intelligence (AI). The significance of AI and its many applications are nothing new, even as it conti

Top Trends That Made Us Sit Up And Take Notice In 2016

30-Jan-2017 | Geetika Tripathi

Socially, politically, and economically, 2016 brought significant changes across the world. From a location-based augmented reality game and self-navigating vehicles to a distributed database providin

digital manufacturing

How IoT Analytics And Strategy Boosts Manufacturing

25-Jan-2017 | Geetika Tripathi

After witnessing three industrial transformations kindled by steam power, electricity, and IT, the world is all set to usher in the fourth transformation, known as Industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 blends co

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Three Fundamental Reasons Why Holistic Integration Should Be Part Of Your Digital Strategy

14-Dec-2016 | Geetika Tripathi

In business and technology, the term “integration” commonly refers to the connected communication between different applications, companies, software systems, data, and processes that would otherw


Smart Manufacturing: The Next Generation Of Manufacturing?

26-Sep-2016 | Geetika Tripathi

A few decades ago, the term manufacturing industry may have conjured an image of a morose, dark, dungeon-like factory that ran on a rigmarole of monotonous tasks. However, cloud solutions, the Intern

digital transformation

6 Must-Haves Before Saying Yes To Digital Transformation

30-Jun-2016 | Geetika Tripathi

Digitalize or die! Transform or ship out! Connect or cease to exist! Much has been said about the importance of residing on the digital map. But all too often, companies are left in the dark on ho

6 Reasons Why Social Customers Are Changing Your Business – And You May Not Know It

16-May-2016 | Geetika Tripathi

"Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage." - Amy Jo Martin No business, no organization, no enterprise, no undertaking, and absolutel

education and learning

5 Ways The Internet Of Things Is Changing The Game For Education And Learning

22-Mar-2016 | Geetika Tripathi

There’s been so much buzz about the Internet of Things (IoT) lately – maybe not as much as for the U.S. presidential campaigns, but it’s pretty close. For today’s youngsters, the day will com

Let There Be Light – And Li-Fi

16-Feb-2016 | Geetika Tripathi

When the first Internet users patiently dialed those magical numbers and connected to their Internet service provider on the ever-faithful telephone line, little did they know that one day this sluggi

voice recognition

“Speak” And Thou Shall Find: The Future Of Voice Recognition

21-Jan-2016 | Geetika Tripathi

It’s Monday morning, and the alarm clock starts beeping. You try to reach out and find where it is. Suddenly, you gather your senses and mutter the command  “Shut up.” It goes quiet. Then, you