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Fred Isbell worked at SAP for nearly 19 years in senior roles in SAP Marketing. He is an experienced, results- and goal-oriented senior marketing executive with broad and extensive experience & expertise in high technology and marketing spanning nearly 30 years. He has a BA from Yale and an MBA from the Duke Fuqua School of Business.

Account-Based Marketing And The Ascension Of The Account In Modern Marketing

12-Jun-2018 | Fred Isbell

I have learned quite a bit in my nearly 30-year marketing career. And probably the most significant change is how marketing organizations use metrics to assess the impact of their efforts on a specifi

Best Practices To Guide Your Journey To Modern Marketing

28-Mar-2018 | Fred Isbell

While recently preparing a “services marketing journey” slide with the image of a road and unique places my own journey has taken me over the last 20 years, I thought back and wondered – what ha

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This Is the Dawning Of The Age Of The … Webinerd?

20-Mar-2018 | Fred Isbell

On a recent flight home from San Francisco, I was reminded of the first time I traveled to this amazing city. The year was 1968, and it was near the end of an epic three-week family summer adventure.

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Executive Insights: Digitalization, Marketing Measurement, And The Engagement Economy

28-Dec-2017 | Fred Isbell

A fundamental concept of modern marketing is a balance between art and science. On one side of the equation is traditional creative aspects such as branding, messaging, and advertising, where actions

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Executive Insights: Digital Transformation, Talent-Driven Organizations, And The Future of Work

21-Dec-2017 | Fred Isbell

The pace of change is accelerating in all walks of life and business – and digital transformation is contributing to it all. Rarely a day goes by where we don’t see something impacted and altered

The Geeks Won: The Rise Of Marketing Analytics, Performance Management, And Data Science

19-Dec-2017 | Fred Isbell

It’s hard to believe that more than 25 years have passed since the term “business intelligence” (BI) came of age in the lexicon of IT, business and marketing organizations. Though the fundamenta


Tell Them What You Told Them With Demand Unit Waterfall, ABM And Predictive Analytics

28-Nov-2017 | Fred Isbell

There’s an old saying in public speaking: “Tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, and then tell them what you told them.” Originally attributed to Aristotle, this pearl of wisdom

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Make Modern Marketing Happen: The Seven Personas of the Modern Marketer

22-Nov-2017 | Fred Isbell

There are three types of people in the world: those who make it happen, those who watch it happen, and those who say “what happened?” It’s better to control your own destiny than to wait for it

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Marketing Vision 2017: New Realities And Promise For The Modern Marketer

21-Nov-2017 | Fred Isbell

“The pressure on business-to-business (B2B) marketers is great, but the opportunity ahead is even greater. With the rise of the connected economy, B2B marketers are leading the way with new strategi

New Realities In The Ever-Evolving Art And Science Of Modern Marketing

16-Nov-2017 | Fred Isbell

Marketing technology is continuing to evolve despite past predictions of market consolidation. The number of options is growing, and the needs are becoming more intricate. While Dorothy from the “Wi