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Frank Hughes

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Frank Hughes is a contributing writer for SAP Global Partner Marketing. Hughes has been a contributing writer for multiple publications and has been a staff writer at The Washington Post, the Washington Times and the Tacoma News Tribune. He currently resides in Los Altos, CA.

Vaynerchuk to SMBs: Spend Time Getting To Know The TikTok Video App

18-Dec-2019 | Frank Hughes

Gary Vaynerchuk, the entrepreneur turned social media evangelist, recommends that companies of all sizes who want to leverage the next big social media platform should familiarize themselves with the

Utility Company’s Newfound Connection With Its Customers Transforms Business

3-Jul-2019 | Frank Hughes

One of the largest, most successful utilities in the U.S., Duke Energy has expanded rapidly as the energy sector inevitably evolves with its global realities. The Charlotte, N.C.-based utility realize

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Industry Innovation Fuels Collaboration: Oil and Gas Giants Come Together to Make A Bold Move to Public Cloud

7-Jun-2019 | Frank Hughes

Collaboration. It’s sometimes easy to forget in today’s global environment that collaboration is not a dirty word, that it can be a useful means to a fruitful end. Even in a business context! I

Blockchain: There’s Something Huge Behind The Hype

14-Jun-2018 | Frank Hughes

When Torsten Zube was named the head of blockchain innovation at SAP, he was sitting in the kitchen of his Munich home having breakfast with his wife. When he told her the good news, he said he was

Zappos CEO Shows Exactly Why “Doing Good Is Good Business”

13-Jun-2018 | Frank Hughes

Just after Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh was introduced by SAP senior director of partner communications Diane Pereira as the guest keynote speaker at the 2018 Global Partner Summit in Orlando, Hsieh popped u