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Folkert Haag

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Folkert Haag is the global lead for building materials industries at SAP, and is part of the solution management team of the mill products and mining industry unit.

Paving The Way For The Digitalization Of The Building Products Industry

8-Feb-2018 | Folkert Haag

The building products and building materials industries produce and deliver goods used to build homes and offices. This includes everything from cement or concrete foundation materials to roofing boar

3D Printing Building Products … And Entire Houses

8-Jan-2018 | Folkert Haag

Imagine waking up to find that the walls around you have disappeared, replaced by desecrated crumbles of concrete, slats of wood, and a seemingly endless horizon of destruction. A natural disaster has

Offer Services With Products To Boost Building Manufacturing

13-Dec-2017 | Folkert Haag

Discrete manufacturers that create building products are facing challenges from industry competitors that have gone through a digital transformation. The companies that don’t follow suit and digital

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The Fascinating Evolution Of A Building Products Knowledge Worker

8-Sep-2016 | Folkert Haag

Building products employees have seen a dynamic shift in their industry compared to just a few years ago. Today's building products employee is becoming a strategic knowledge worker. The shift to aut

Value Chain In Building Products Transforms At Breakneck Speed

10-Aug-2016 | Folkert Haag

The traditional building products value chain is transforming at breakneck speed. For decades, an indirect sales channel dominated the building materials industry. Wholesalers and retailers owned cust

3D Printing Extends From Building Individual Products To Entire Buildings

20-Jul-2016 | Folkert Haag

Digital transformation is sweeping through industries. The building products sector is not immune to these changes. Our industry is projected to grow going forward. However, leaders are taking ne