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Florian Wagner

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Florian Wagner is marketing director for IT audience messaging at SAP. Together with his team, he is responsible to address the IT audience and to drive relevant thought leadership topics. He writes about technology trends on digital transformation, cloud and platform strategies with a focus on customer experiences.

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4 Ways CIOs Can Fuel The Future Of Work With Augmented And Virtual Reality

3-Apr-2017 | Florian Wagner

When 2016 took off, so did the popularity of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Pokémon Go engaged over 50 million monthly active users with the technology’s entertainment factor and

digital business innovation, digital transformation

What Does Successful Digital Business Innovation Look Like?

28-Feb-2017 | Florian Wagner

As much as it is important for CIOs to develop a road map for digital business innovation, as certain stages are important precursors for others, it is also essential to understand that a number of ke

When It Comes To Transformation, Simple Is Always Best, Get Going, And Move Quickly

20-Feb-2017 | Florian Wagner

Many digital maturity assessments exist, but most are quite complex and time consuming or lead toward a specific vendor’s solution. We propose an alternative, much simpler approach, designed to brin

digital transformation

Step-By-Step, How-To Guide To Digital Transformation

11-Jan-2017 | Florian Wagner

OK, maybe this headline exaggerated. There probably is no one step-by-step guide to digital transformation, but it’s safe to say that a thorough evaluation of five clearly defined areas can help co

Culture, Transformation, And The Digital Business CIO

2-Aug-2016 | Florian Wagner

In today’s business climate, transformation and innovation rely on agility to unleash value. Organizations are under pressure to decrease time from ideation to implementation, to react to new inform