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Fawn Fitter is based in San Francisco, where she writes about the spots where business and technology intersect.

Make Dignity the Default

5-Dec-2018 | Fawn Fitter

[drop-letter]Treating people with dignity means acknowledging that they matter—something that’s all too easy for leaders to lose sight of in a business environment that’s still largely based on

We Don’t Need Another Hero

12-Sep-2018 | Fawn Fitter

[drop-letter]For all the lip service business leaders pay to teamwork, research consistently shows that people working solo tend to outperform teams. Even among teams comprising individual superstars,

Stop Metrics Mania

4-Jun-2018 | Fawn Fitter

[drop-letter]As companies increasingly turn to machine learning to make sense of vast amounts of data, they want to be sure they feed their algorithms with measures of the right things, taken for the

Thinkers: Tim O’Reilly on Achieving Techtopia

21-Feb-2018 | Fawn Fitter

Image Credit: Peter Adams / Faces of Open Source [caption id="" align="alignright" width="200"] Credit: Harper Business[/caption] As the founder of O’Reilly Media, one of the tech industry

Microculture: Port of Capital in Docklands, Dublin

21-Feb-2018 | Fawn Fitter

As the first dot-com boom gained steam in the late ’90s, Dublin began a concerted effort to turn a derelict hub of the 19th-century Irish economy into an engine of 21st-century innovation. Twenty ye

Thinkers: Amina Khan Examines Nature’s Blueprint for Innovation

11-Sep-2017 | Fawn Fitter

Fish instinctively swim in schools arranged to help each individual travel farther and faster with less effort. Termites in the desert grow fungus in their mounds to maintain a comfortable temperature

Microculture: Bits and Bauhaus in Friedrichshain, Berlin

11-Sep-2017 | Fawn Fitter

The vibrant neighborhood of Friedrichshain is all of Berlin in miniature. Music pulses out of world-famous nightclubs and from the city’s largest concert arena. Art galleries and dive bars draw crow

Avenida Paulista, São Paulo: Silicon Samba

10-May-2017 | Fawn Fitter

São Paulo is Brazil’s late bloomer of a megalopolis. Founded in 1554, it remained a more or less sleepy second city, behind Rio de Janeiro, until the late 1800s, when the coffee industry turned Sã

Lisa Bodell Interview: Why Simple Wins

10-May-2017 | Fawn Fitter

When futurist Lisa Bodell tried to teach Fortune 500 companies around the world how to nurture innovation, she repeatedly hit the same roadblock: no matter how open people were to her suggestions, the

Richmond, Melbourne: The Startups of Oz

16-Jan-2017 | Fawn Fitter

Australia may have a famously relaxed culture, but it’s no slacker when it comes to the digital economy. Since 2015, the government has announced an AU$1.1 billion investment to support innovation,