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Farjeel Javed

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Farjeel Javed is the Senior Advisor for Digital Transformation and Smart Governance at SAP. As a technologist and digital transformation leader with more than 16 years of ICT industry experience in the public sector, he helps governments run simple and improve the lives of their citizens through technology. Farjeel has significant expertise in formulating and leading national digital transformation strategies, policies, frameworks, road maps, value propositions, digital and experience economy drivers, and business benchmarking. Please follow Farjeel on Twitter @farjeel, LinkedIn, or contact him at farjeel.javed@sap.com.

Digital Government: Challenge Or Opportunity?

8-Aug-2019 | Farjeel Javed

The concept of digital governance seems very complicated in a system like Pakistan's, where most government departments handle information manually, and those who happen to be digitized are not connec

Government officials discuss technology advancement of Pakistan in government building courtyard

Technology-Driven Reforms: Game Changer For Naya (New) Pakistan

31-Jul-2019 | Farjeel Javed

Pakistan, which gained independence in 1947 and inherited administrative reforms from the British colonial authorities, celebrated 71 years of independence in 2018. The country is once again audacious

scientist examines molecular structure of new experimental medicine

Experience Economy: Revolutionizing Industries With O’s And X’s

3-Jul-2019 | Farjeel Javed

The human race has transitioned through many different types of economies, starting with the basic traditional economy and moving upward to the capital economy. The journey began when human civilizati