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Falk Rieker

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Falk Rieker, Global Vice President and Global Head of the Banking Business Unit at SAP, is a senior level financial services professional and SAP veteran with over 20 years’ experience. He is responsible for leading the SAP banking solution strategy and connecting bankers with the technology they need to succeed in today´s workplace. As a thought leader in the banking space, Falk frequently speaks at international banking conferences and has been published and quoted in leading industry publications like Forbes, American Banker, IDG and Wall Street and Technology. Follow Falk on Twitter (@FalkRieker), LinkedIn, Youtube, and Instagram.

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Priority For Corporate Banks: Connectivity With Customer Business Systems

28-Aug-2019 | Falk Rieker

Working in banking for many years, I’ve seen quite a few state-of-the-art processes and technologies become outdated and then obsolete. Everything from adding machines to paper ledgers once had thei

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Making Banking More Human In The Cloud

8-Nov-2018 | Falk Rieker

Banking leaders spend a lot of time thinking about the need to transform so they can thrive in the emerging digital financial services landscape. It’s an obsession of sorts. After all, their ability

intelligent enterprise, corporate banking, AI, ML, IoT, predictive analytics

Transforming Corporate Banking With Intelligent Technologies

2-Oct-2018 | Falk Rieker

The digital financial services landscape is changing fast. Facing mounting pressure from customers and competitors, banks have no choice but to transform themselves. However, I’d argue that’s not

Pinpointing The Value Of Intelligent Banking

13-Sep-2018 | Falk Rieker

In the United States, political parties continue to debate the wisdom of rolling back regulatory mandates imposed on banks after the 2008 financial crash. While some financial services experts argue t

Connecting To Better Serve Corporate Banking Clients

5-Sep-2018 | Falk Rieker

The banking industry is unquestionably going digital. But it’s increasingly clear that this transformation is only the first step – not the last – in the evolution of financial services. Over

Embracing Digital Transformation: The Future Of Banking

21-Feb-2018 | Falk Rieker

The face of the banking industry has changed in the last few years. Financial technology companies (fintechs) have begun disrupting the market with cryptocurrency, bitcoin, blockchain, and more. In

Millennials, P2P Payments, And Fintechs: What Banks Should Be Watching In 2017

19-Jun-2017 | Falk Rieker

A 2016 CapGemini study found that customers believe that their banking experience has improved. They are, in general, happy about the experience they receive at their retail banks – a credit to the

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Banking Self-Disruption: Diving Into The Fintech Shark Tank

7-Feb-2017 | Falk Rieker

Banks have large customer bases and developed relationships with their customers, yet find it hard to deliver new, innovative products and services quickly. On the other hand, financial technology (fi

banking, fintech, digitalization, digitization

Not Your Grandfather’s Bank: How Banks Can Enter The Digital World

9-Jan-2017 | Falk Rieker

Changes in the way we do business with banks are rarely initiated by banks themselves. Instead, banks are often forced to adapt because of technological advancements that are shifting social culture a

Digital Revolution Drives Banks To Offer New Products, Serve Customers Better

10-May-2016 | Falk Rieker

We live today in an increasingly digital world. We are plugged in, connected, and accessible anytime, anywhere. We communicate via text message and social networks. We are increasingly surrounded b