Eva Roe

Eva Roe

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Eva Roe is the Head of Airlines Solutions at SAP. She is responsible for developing a strategy for the industry working closely with customers and translating their requirements to marketable solutions. One focus area is defining how technology innovations become enablers for new business models and processes in the airline industry.

Digital Airlines: Developing Agility And Flexibility

4-Sep-2017 | Eva Roe

The airline world is changing. Customers today demand a better experience, and they're willing to pay more for that experience. We know that 80% of airlines that invest in Internet of Things technol

Smart Products And Innovative Services Help Airlines Reimagine The Future

21-Aug-2017 | Eva Roe

Printed tickets and plastic boarding passes are as outdated for air travel as accordion-folded road maps for a road trip. Savvy passengers arrive at the airport with only a digital confirmation and

The Digital Road Map: How Airlines Can Prepare For The Future

31-Jul-2017 | Eva Roe

We have entered into an era where digital technology is disrupting nearly every aspect of our lives. This is true both in our personal lives and in how we conduct business. According to a study by the