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Evan Klein

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Evan Klein is CEO and founder at Zaelab, which helps companies grow revenue and increase efficiency through digital commerce operations.

Shaken, Not Stirred: Concocting The Perfect Commerce Platform Migration

28-May-2018 | Evan Klein

[no_syndicate_info][/no_syndicate_info] Our team recently attended B2B Online in Chicago. Among the many vendors’ ploys to increase booth traffic was a bright idea: cocktails. If you dropped by t

Commerce Platform Of Dreams: If You Build It, Will They Come?

4-May-2018 | Evan Klein

[no_syndicate_info][/no_syndicate_info] The 1989 blockbuster baseball fantasy-drama Field of Dreams starred Kevin Costner as a farmer from Iowa who hears a mysterious voice urging him to turn his

“Alexa, What Will Be Your Impact On E-Commerce?”

30-Mar-2018 | Evan Klein

[no_syndicate_info][/no_syndicate_info] Technology: First we held it, then we wore it. And now? We don’t even need to touch it. Voice-activated technology is here, and it’s influencing every fa

Millennials Are Changing The B2B Digital Commerce Landscape

13-Mar-2018 | Evan Klein

[no_syndicate_info][/no_syndicate_info] We all knew that eventually a time would arrive when boomers retire and millennial presence in the workplace grows. Well, that time is now. Born between 1

$1.3 Trillion By 2020: Is Your B2B Digital Commerce Platform Ready?

31-Jan-2018 | Evan Klein

[no_syndicate_info][/no_syndicate_info] B2B digital commerce is on the upswing; in fact, Forrester predicts that the U.S. B2B e-commerce market will reach $1.13 trillion by 2020. Why? Well,