Estelle Lagorce

About Estelle Lagorce

Estelle Lagorce is Senior Director, Global Partner Marketing, at SAP. She leads the global planning, successful implementation and business impact of integrated marketing programs with top global Strategic Partner across priority regions and countries (demand generation, thought leadership).

The Trouble With Travel Spend: Unpacking A CFO’s Perennial Puzzle

21-Jan-2019 | Estelle Lagorce

There’s nothing like meeting with customers and business partners face to face. The opportunity to capture their attention, engage them in the conversation, and drive productive collaboration is unm

Why Context Is The Key To Helping Data-Driven Misfits Fit In

14-Jan-2019 | Estelle Lagorce

A business is no longer just a business. It’s an intelligent system of people, processes, sensors, and machines capturing, exchanging, and processing vast amounts of data. For most companies, taking