Dr. Ernesto Marinelli

Dr. Ernesto Marinelli

About Dr. Ernesto Marinelli

Ernesto has over 15 of human resources experience. He is currently the Senior Vice President for Human Resources for SAP Europe, Middle East and Africa supporting his organization in the digital transformation. Passionate about transformation and the impact of leadership on people, Ernesto is a seasoned, goal-oriented global HR senior executive with broad experience in supporting the sales and services organization, as well as development groups. Accustomed to work in an international environment, Ernesto is strong in transformational work and possesses in-depth expertise in all relevant HR processes with a strong ability in creating long-term partnerships. He speaks Italian and German, is fluent in English and has good knowledge of French and Spanish. He joined SAP in 2005 as a recruiter and had several roles within the HRBP organization. Ernesto earned a Master Degree in General Linguistics and a PhD in German Linguistics at the University of Würzburg in Germany.

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Which Employees Do We Need In The Future? Not Only The Masterminds

1-Oct-2018 | Dr. Ernesto Marinelli

Claudio Fernández-Aráoz, senior adviser at Egon Zehnder International, analyzed cases where seemingly outstanding hires for C-level positions ended up being let go. His conclusion: they were hired f

Succession Management: Why Do We Still Fail To Get It Right?

11-Dec-2017 | Dr. Ernesto Marinelli

Succession management has been on the top of every HR professional and business leaders' list for years. Technology allows us today to create huge transparency around talent across all lines of busine

Goodbye, Knowledge Workers—Welcome, Learning Workers

13-Sep-2017 | Dr. Ernesto Marinelli

Throughout history, knowledge has been considered a competitive advantage. This premise forms the basis of our educational systems, institutions of higher learning, and technical schools, which provid

Dovetailing Human Touch And Technology To Evolve And Manage Culture

13-Jun-2017 | Dr. Ernesto Marinelli

There is no question that the days of HR as an administrative function are behind us: Our audience has changed; they are younger and more demanding than before. The expectations of our executives have

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Disruption Is The New Constant For HR

11-Jan-2017 | Dr. Ernesto Marinelli

In HR we must transform and be disruptive if we are going to add value to the business and enable people to really reach their full potential. This is the age of digital transformation; transformat

Five Ways To Deal With Disengagement

18-Oct-2016 | Dr. Ernesto Marinelli

Fast-paced, dynamic, innovative – we come across these words every day. To keep up with the enormous speed and innovation in today’s business environment, it is crucial to build a talented, divers