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Erin Giordano is senior marketing manager, Enterprise for SAP Concur, and has held various strategic positions that have helped global companies succeed in their thought leadership and business expansion efforts. Her areas of expertise range in topics from duty of care to global mobility spanning multiple industries.

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Research Reveals Nearly Two-Thirds Of U.S. Companies Fail To Reclaim VAT From Travelers

13-Dec-2018 | Erin Giordano

Navigating the minefield of international value-added tax (VAT) can be tricky for U.S.-based companies. Many companies feel they have it covered, yet each year billions of dollars of VAT go unclaimed.

What Every Travel Director Should Know About Travel And Employee Spend

22-Jan-2018 | Erin Giordano

Many external forces are once again shaking up the travel director’s role at enterprise-sized organizations. The sharing economy, supplier direct bookings, and increased responsibilities in traveler

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Why HR Professionals Should Put Employee Spend On Their Radar

5-Dec-2017 | Erin Giordano

Author and thought leader in general business and human capital management Jenny Dearborn shares in her most recent book, The Data-Driven Leader, that HR professionals should feel encouraged to transf

A Quick Win For CIOs In Financial Transformation: T&E

26-Oct-2017 | Erin Giordano

In enterprise-size companies, CIOs and their teams align their IT strategies with their business strategies. At times, lending a hand to the business to help prioritize initiatives is essential. Whil

What Every CFO Should Know About Employee Spend

2-Oct-2017 | Erin Giordano

Some finance teams may feel they have employee spend well-managed across their organization. Reports are being sent to the CEO’s desk and, at a high-level glance, they seem to be in order, within bu

Sink Or Swim In ‘17: Embracing The Mobile Mind Shift Keeps You Afloat, Part 2

23-Mar-2017 | Erin Giordano

Part 2 of a series. Read Part 1. What’s the biggest opportunity for finance leaders in 2017? During a recent webinar, Forrester Research VP and principal analyst Paul Hamerman said, “There is a

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Sink Or Swim In 2017: Embracing The Mobile Mind Shift Keeps You Afloat, Part 1

16-Mar-2017 | Erin Giordano

Part 1 in a series. During a recent webinar, guest speaker Paul Hamerman, Forrester Research VP and principal analyst, revealed that savvy business leaders are leveraging digital disruption to turn