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Emma Reeve has 20 years of experience creating world-class marketing initiatives that focus on customer and audience experience for technology, finance and pharmaceutical industries. She is currently the Global VP of Storytelling for SAP driving customer experience through storytelling. Prior to SAP, she has led strategic audience engagement on both the corporate and agency side from interactive storytelling; brand communications; digital creative and gaming; advertising; sponsorships and partnerships; branded events; interactive media; e-commerce; and social media strategy. While integrating storytelling as a key tenant professionally, Reeve has also used it as a tool is raising awareness philanthropically. She tells personal stories of women in Rwanda and their path towards hope through skills training, education and community support, while inciting a movement that encourages people to get involved in being part of the change in the world. Reeve communicates strongly her passion that storytelling can engage anyone to empathize, take action, make decisions and more - but at its core it is at the center of making change.

A “Run Live” Powerplay In The Rink And The Marketplace

16-Feb-2018 | Emma Reeve

[no_syndicate_info][/no_syndicate_info] In ice hockey, a “powerplay” is when a team has more players on the ice than its opponent. The extra-player advantage gives the team a greater chance to

Running Live While Living The Island Life

9-Feb-2018 | Emma Reeve

The motto of Seattle-based retailer Tommy Bahama is “Live the island life.” The brand’s values are “relax and just have fun,” according to CEO Doug Wood. “We’re a happy brand,” he s

Digital Transformation Outside – And Inside – The Box

9-Feb-2018 | Emma Reeve

A product’s packaging can be as important as the merchandise inside it. Effective packaging reflects the product’s quality and promotes the brand’s identity. Who hasn’t taken notice of an attr

If You Can Simplify The Weather, You Can Simplify A Global Business

6-Feb-2018 | Emma Reeve

Countless businesses across industries are profoundly affected by the weather. If rain comes a week early or late, an industrial farm’s entire crop – and revenue stream – can be destroyed. If a