Emmanuelle Brun Neckebrock

Emmanuelle Brun Neckebrock

About Emmanuelle Brun Neckebrock

Emmanuelle Brun Neckebrock is CFO of SAP France. With more than 20 years’ experience, she is responsible for the coordination of SAP activities in France linked to acquisition and integration. She has recently taken over the responsibility of developing the healthcare sector within SAP France with a mission of actively promoting digital transformation in healthcare. Emmanuelle holds a degree in Finance from HEC Paris. Her blogs discuss the strategic challenges and topical issues facing CFOs.

Strange Changes: Why New Business Models Are Changing The Way CFOs Plan

19-Jul-2018 | Emmanuelle Brun Neckebrock

Have you noticed that you can directly map the transition of the CFO role to two things – technology innovation and changing business models? In our as-a-service, disruptive, customer-centric econom

IFRS 15: Balancing The Details With The Big Picture

10-May-2018 | Emmanuelle Brun Neckebrock

“It’s not the load that weighs you down, it’s the way you carry it,” wrote author C.S. Lewis. He made a good point. Anyone in finance today will be familiar with that sinking feeling when

Why Complacency Is An Expensive Mindset For The CFO

5-Mar-2018 | Emmanuelle Brun Neckebrock

Fifty years ago, my role as CFO didn’t exist (I barely existed myself!). Our profession has morphed from humble beginnings as “comptrollers” to today strategically shaping the scope and directio